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A wonderful opportunity that changed my life

Do you have a book that changed your life, you think of it?
I met RAPT’s blog, where I was able to identify and understand the essential mechanisms in the world, and my scales dropped from my eyes and my life changed radically.
Mr. RAPT is a Japanese who saved me.

RAPT’s blog that gave me hope

How happy are you that you can always live with hope in your heart?
It was RAPT’s blog that led me to overflowing hope from the dark events and absurdities of modern society that flowed through the news every day, the despair and disappointment of the invisible world structure.
RAPT’s blog is packed with the truth of the world and life.
The RAPT blog is currently written only in Japanese, So I will give an overview of RAPT theory in English.
I would like everyone around the world to know the truth.

What has changed in my life

Since I met RAPT’s blog, I was convinced that the devil actually existed, and conversely, I believed that God actually existed.

I am a Japanese. So I had never read even the Bible until then, but I also got to know that the Bible was a book of truth written by the prophet and the Savior who received revelation from God.

To summarize how my life has changed, I have some conviction that this is the truth.

I also gained hope because I was convinced and believed that the Almighty Almighty God actually exists.

I looked back on my feelings about why hope was born when I believed in God with confidence.

Positive feeling stability

If you think of God who created the heavens and earth and managed the magnificent human history, your worries are too small.

When I thought so, I became grateful for my environment and became able to live positively.

Direction of consciousness

I used to care about people’s eyes, but now I can live with the consciousness that God is watching.

Even if Ⅰ think it’s painful and unrewarded, I can do my best if I think someone is watching me.

On the contrary, it is healthy in terms of mental health because there is no feeling of trying to do sly things because people are not watching.


In the past, there were times when I was concerned about others and thought about various things in contrast to others and envied others.

Now, I have come to think that I am myself regardless of other people. I feel that I want to live my life as much as possible.

Rich sensitivity

When I came across something beautiful and wonderful, I returned to my heart like a boy, and I was moved with my heart.

Purpose of life

I used to think vaguely that my purpose was to raise my heart, contribute to the world, and die in history, but I was not sure.

Now I have met the purpose of being convinced that this is the purpose.

In my case, these feelings changed, and I can say that I was able to live with hope and gratitude.

How my life changed

It is RAPT’s blog that explains the mechanism of this world, but knowing that there is something that worships the devil among them, the key point is that I was convinced that the existence of the devil is the cause of the deterioration of this world did.

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