RAPT理論の紹介 悪魔崇拝に関する考察

Here is how satan have ruled this world using Illuminati

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Have you ever thought that there are many mysterious incidents in the world?

RAPT theory makes me aware that all these mysterious incidents are related and that this is the truth.

Below is a brief overview.


1. Illuminati does satan worship (Satanism)
2. Why does the Illuminati abuse children
3. Governing mechanism of Satan and Illuminati
4. Considerations from a Christian perspective
Reference: Related incident / situation evidence

1. Illuminati does Satan worship ( Satanism )

Since ancient times, royal families and super elites have been satan worshipers. In other words, the Illuminati is a satanist.

They have summoned the satan by rituals, and have changed the world by moving politics, economy, media, culture, etc. according to the inspiring instructions and following the devilish action plan.

Many of them have tremendous wealth and power, and they all believe that they have received from the satan.

If they don’t worship the satan, they think that all of them will disappear from their hands, and that’s why they continue to ritual sacrifices to the satan.

2. Why does the Illuminati abuse children

2-1.The reason why satanists kidnap and abuse infants is to bring them up to multiple personalities

If abused and sexually assaulted, the spirit will be severely damaged and cause schizophrenia.

The toddlers cause schizophrenia by suffering various heart hurts, attracting various bad spirits into their unstable hearts and becoming multi-personal.

We know “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and “The Minds of Billy Milligan”

2-2.Children who grew up with multiple personalities are used as personnel to carry out the Satan’s plan

Multiple personalities are brainwashed to follow Illuminati orders.

Satanist use various symbol marks and numbers such as 666 scattered throughout the society, such as corporate logo marks, musician album jackets, or movies and TV images.

To those who are already brainwashed, satanists send a message that you can’t escape the satan, that satanists are always watching you around, and instilling an obsession.

2-3.A child who did not grow well with multiple personalities is killed as a sacrifice to the satan

In the Vatican, Jesuits, and European royal satan worship trials, they were testified in court that they believed that spiritual power could be gained by eating meat and drinking blood from killed children.Satan gives spiritual power to satan worshipers in return for sacrifice. The reason why the satan asks for human sacrifice is the rebellion against God. Satan want to grieve God for the people God loves under the control of the satan.

3. Governing mechanism of Satan and Illuminati

3-1.The Illuminati is divided into two main groups: those who do spiritual things and those who execute various plans on earth.

A spiritual leadership close to the satan: the Emperor, Pope Vatican, Jesuits, Queen Elizabeth. They have professionally performed satan worship rituals: sacrifice the children, eat the meat and drink blood.

On the other hand, based on these instructions, there seems to be an organization that has substantially controlled fields such as politics, economy, culture, art, science, technology, medicine, and health.

3-2.The Illuminati decided to kidnap and raise toddlers from all over the world, as children alone from their pedigree could not carry out the satan’s plan.

In the United States, 800,000 infants are missing each year.Many children in Japan are also missing.
Many are also suspected of being abducted, abused, and killed by satanists.
The satanists would have wanted to make up Illuminati personnel with their own pedigree if possible, but that alone wouldn ‘t have enough and could not carry out the satan’s plan, so they kidnapped ordinary children.

3-3.It was necessary to manipulate ordinary people with money and intimidation because it was not enough to raise people since childhood.

Illuminati uses sweet temptations to capture a specific person and guarantees wealth and social status.

At the same time Illuminati invite him into crimes such as bribery, child abuse, and orgy to control him by grasping the weaknesses.

He doesn’t get out of Illuminati rule. Of course, there will be thorough revenge for traitors. It is dominated by devilish reward and punishment .

4. Considerations from a Christian perspective

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high place” —Ephesians 6

We Japanese people who are unfamiliar with Christianity cannot understand or believe satanism even if they talk like this. For this reason, it is difficult to find a detailed article in Japanese on the internet to investigate satan worship.

But there is definitely a spiritual being in this world, and there is an evil being in that spiritual being. The satan is at the top of the evil being, and Lucifer is at the top of the satan.

And this Lucifer has created satan worshipers in this world, told them their will, and tried to dominate the earth in their own way.

The satan is definitely present in this world. And whether or not to feel spiritual things, people with evil hearts will definitely call out bad spirits and deepen their friendship.

In the spiritual world, you will strongly attract similar people.

Therefore, the satan also invites people who are similar to him from human beings, and selects those who are highly inspired from satan, showing their own appearance.

There is a description in the Old Testament that there were many people around the Israeli people who seemed to worship the satan and those who performed indecent rituals.

There are occasions that the Israelites have also followed the customs and worshiped the satan themselves and carried out indecent rituals.

Each time God Yahweh angered and judged against them, but the people still worshiped the satan without discipline and indulged in nasty acts.

Perhaps among such descendants, the current satan worshipers, called Illuminati, were born.

The above is an excerpt transration from an article on the 2014, “ RAPT theory”

Reference: Related incident / situation evidence

There is a lot of supporting evidence

“I was his slave.” Dozens of women testified before the Epstein trial 2019/8/27 AFP

Vatican high cardinal, Australian court dismissing appeal for sexual abuse of boys 2019/8/21 AFP

The Roman Pope and Queen Elizabeth were convicted of child slaughter (Brussels International Customs Law Court) 2013/2/25

“Out of the Devil’s Cauldron: A Journey from Darkness to Light” by
John Ramirez

Undecided matters can be resolved by considering this theory

Missing: Pizza Gate Incident(US) / Pepper Lunch Incident(Japan) / Madeleine McCann Incident(Portugal)

murder: John Bene Incident(US)

Films: ” Eyes Wide Shut “by Stanley Kubrick (US)

Lore: Count Dracula /Vampire

Sacrifice civilization in ancient times: Maya / Aztec / Egypt / Japan

-RAPT理論の紹介, 悪魔崇拝に関する考察



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