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The story that radioactivity is dangerous is a lie


Do you think that radioactivity and nuclear power are difficult to understand?

When I heard that the half-life of radioactive materials is hundreds of years, I wondered why people can live normally in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Even in the Fukushima nuclear disaster of the East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011, which is new to our Japanese memory, both the opinion that radioactivity is safe and the opinion that it is dangerous were mixed up.

If it is so dangerous, the government should abolish it immediately but will not.

After the East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011 , there was a  power shortage that required a rotating power outage for a while. But even though only nine of the 50 nuclear power plants are currently in operation, power shortages are not a serious concern.

“The story of radioactivity is dangerous is a lie that the media, the government, and the electric power company got together, and the Hiroshima / Nagasaki atomic bombs are likely to be just magnesium bombs. And Japan’s nuclear power generation is likely to be just salt water power generation”

The above was pointed out in the RAPT theory that made me realize that this is true.

Based on the theory that the danger of radioactivity and nuclear power is a lie, all the questions are solved clearly. Radioactivity is not visible, so if they want to lie, they lie as much as they want. Even if you try to argue, you can’t provide any visible evidence, and if the radioactivity is a lie from the beginning, it is even more difficult.

There is a mechanism for exploitation in the world.

Illuminati calls the non-dangerous things dangerous, and get a lot of money (= tax paid by the public) from the government by saying that it takes a huge amount of money to develop something with a simple mechanism.

Einstein‘s “relativity” is said to have led to the invent of nuclear power plants and atomic bombs. But, Many scholars question “relativity”.

If “the theory of relativity” is a lie, then the nuclear power plant and the atomic bomb are also lies and do not exist.

Illuminati has given the Nobel Prize to scholars who have come up with a theory that adds credibility to “relativity,” and empowers “relativity.”

In fact, most of the research that won the early Nobel Prize in physics is related to “relativity” such as “radioactivity” and “quantum mechanics”.

Mr. Matsutaro Shouriki, who is known as the “Father of Nuclear Power” by spreading nuclear power in Japan, was the media king who was the owner of the Yomiuri Shimbun Newspaper.

Nuclear power and radioactivity were propaganda based on the wisdom of the devil who raised the public and private sectors.

The following summarizes the issues again.Let’s all doubt common sense.

table of contents

1. Reasons for doubt of radioactivity

2. There are companies and organizations that would be unhappy if there was no lie that “radioactivity is dangerous”

3. Nuclear power plant is likely to be salt water power generation

4. Quote source

1.Reasons for doubt of radioactivity

1-1.Examples from Hiroshima / Nagasaki

People who have been exposed to dangerous “radiation” live as well as elderly people in other prefectures.

As the data by prefecture shows, the longevity rate and cancer incidence rate are rather better than other regions.

Of course, at the time of the bombing in 1945, it was true that a great number of terrible casualties occurred, but the symptoms can be explained by severe burns caused by heat rays rather than radiation.

“Hair removal” by “exposure” is the same principle as modern “beauty hair removal”. In addition, there are several people who testified that they thought that “atomic bombs” were “magnesium bombs” at the time of the bombing.

1-2.Examples from Fukushima

At present, the dose in the 20km prefecture is said to have already fallen, and the animals left within the 20km range of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant are living well.

In 2018, Fukushima Prefecture announced the results of water quality surveys and radioactive substances, including the Haragamaobama Beach in Soma City, and the Yotsukura, Usuiso beaches in Iwaki City. https://fukushima.uminohi.jp/report/180618/

According to it, the water quality was suitable for bathing at all points, and the concentration of radioactive cesium was below the lower limit of detection. Specifically, the air dose is 0.03 to 0.06 μSv / h at all four beaches, and all are almost the same as those in other prefectures. Radioactive cesium and tritium have not been detected in seawater.

About sloppy management in nuclear power plants during normal times:There is also a whistle-blowing book called “Nuclear Worker” From “Kodansha Books”  Among them, it is stated that I often saw foreign divers entering the nuclear fuel pool. “I heard from my friends that I would get 2 million yen in a single dive.” “A lot of things like cigarette butts and pens fall on the bottom of the pool. They will be thrown in to pick it up.”I think the divers knew that there was no harm.

1-3.Examples from Chernobyl

In the Chernobyl accident in 1986, about 340,000 people were ordered to evacuate. However, there are still 200 people who continue to live in the so-called dead zone, but it seems that the survey results show that those who stayed in Chernobyl live longer than those who moved.

This is an article by Holly Morris, an explorer and film director.  


Also, intrusion wildlife heaven has been confirmed by cameras in restricted areas, and in fact, a survey result that the wildlife was not “affected” by radioactivity after the accident was published in 2012 by the British Royal Society journal. It has been announced.

“Neither Fukushima‘s radioactivity will have a negative impact on the wildlife antioxidant defense system.” Professor Jim Smith, University of Portsmouth, UK (Former member of Chernobyl Forum, International Atomic Energy Agency)  https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/04/120411084107.htm

1-4. Examples of nuclear tests in the world

There is a reality that nuclear tests that should be dangerous have been performed about 2000 times all over the world.

It seems that most of the US nuclear tests were conducted at the Nevada Test Site, but all Las Vegas people, just 100 kilometers away, should be exposed to a lot of radiation. But they looks very fine now.

Bikini Atoll, which has been tested 20 times and more, is now a popular diving spot.

1-5.Examples of nuclear accidents around the world

Radioactive materials that are incomparable to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident have leaked around the world and are flowing into rivers in large quantities. There are many ridiculous accidents related to nuclear power in the world. The question here is that no country has been destroyed by radioactivity, and people continue to live today. Where did the radioactivity that was said to be very dangerous go? Everything was a lie from the beginning.

Canada December 12, 1952 Chalk River Institute accident

The control rod was pulled out due to an operation error, and radioactive material with radioactivity of 10,000 Curie or 370 terabecquerel leaked to the outside.

Former Soviet Union, Russia September 29, 1957 Ural nuclear disaster

Five nuclear reactors and reprocessing to produce plutonium for weapons (atomic bombs) called “Mayak” (meaning lighthouse) in a secret city with the code name “Chelyabinsk 65” built in the Ural region of the former Soviet Union An accident that occurred in a plant with facilities. 2 million Curies of radioactive material containing plutonium was scattered.

United States July 13, 1959 Santa Susana Field Laboratory Fuel Rod Melting Accident

A sodium-cooled nuclear reactor fuel rod in the Simi Valley, about 50km outside Los Angeles, California, melted.It is said that 1500-6500 Curie iodine 131 and 1300 Curie cesium 137 were released into the environment.

France, July 7, 2008 Tricastan nuclear power plant accident

During the maintenance of the uranium solution storage tank at the Tricastan nuclear power plant in contact with Bollene, northern Avignon, France, from the night of the 7th, about 30,000 liters of uranium solution overflowed from the tank, and over 100 staff were exposed. 74 kg of uranium flowed into the nearby river.

Aircraft accident January 17, 1966

A US B-52G strategic bomber collided with an aerial refueler over the southern coast of Spain, and four water bombs fell on the ground and in the sea. Two of them were detonated on the ground, and plutonium and uranium were scattered. 1,500 tons of soil have been recovered, but according to a 2008 survey, 500 g of plutonium remains at a depth of 5 m in 50,000 cubic meters of 30 hectares.

1-6.MIT research cases

Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT News (USA) May 15, 2012 

In the “new view on long-term radiation exposure”, experiments have shown that there is no damage to genes due to long-term radiation exposure.

“The people in Fukushima who did not evacuate seem to be almost unaffected by radiation.”: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Biotechnology, Associate Professor Bevin Engelward


1-7. Discovering a growing life in nuclear waste fuel assemblies 

US Department of Energy scientists in the Savannah River region of South Carolina nuclear reserves have a cobweb-like stuff in a rack of spent nuclear fuel assemblies(the smallest unit of nuclear fuel used in nuclear reactors) It seems that he discovered a strange thing that “grows” in the shape.


1-8.Harold McCrackey‘ s case called “Atomic Man“

On the night of August 30, 1976, Harold McLasky, who was 64 at the time, was working late at the Hanford nuclear treatment facility in Washington state, and a chemical explosion occurred.

He was exposed to radioactive materials and pieces of glass and metal. The highest dose of radiation on the record, 500 times the human’s annual tolerance, fell on him.

McLaskiy continued to be studied by doctors until after the accident until he died, and in August 1987, at the age of 75, he died of chronic heart disease, but no signs of cancer were found even after dissection It seems.

2.There are companies and organizations that would be unhappy if there was no lie that “radioactivity is dangerous“

Until now, we have covered the development and operation costs of nuclear power generation with more tax than necessary. After the Fukushima accident, the following “primary interests” will show how much tax is flowing to some people.

2-1.Decontamination business

[Decontamination subcontractor for Shimizu Corporation] Executive compensation ¥ 4.3 billion ︎

An interview revealed that executives such as representatives of Shimizu construction subcontractors who undertook decontamination projects in the country that suffered the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident received executive compensation of 4.3 billion yen per year.

Shimizu Construction 40 million yen overhead charge due to additional nuclear power plant workers

At the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, there is a suspicion that approximately 40 million yen was fictitiously listed in the work report of JV, a joint venture of Shimizu Construction Co., Ltd. I found out that there was an interview with FNN.

2-2.Protection business

It turned out that a lot of money can be earned just because there is a nuclear power plant nearby.

2.5 billion yen for 12 facilities around Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant 


2-3.Decommissioning business

The fast breeder reactor Monju will be decommissioned over the next 30 years.

Monju decommissioning plan, approved by the regulatory committee 


3.Nuclear power plant is likely to be salt water power generation

The existence of spent fuel rods was spotted during the Fukushima accident, and that is the evidence of saltwater power generation. In short, it is the same principle as “LED lanterns that generate electricity with water and salt”.

It is said that it is a mechanism in which electricity is generated when salt solution is filled between magnesium (-) and carbon (+), ions are dissolved by adding saline solution as electrolyte, and electricity is generated by moving from-to +.

Japanese nuclear power plants are being built along the coastline.

It is a common belief that cooling water is required, but there are also power plants built inland like Chernobyl. Since salt water (seawater) is used as fuel, it is reasonable to install it along the sea to reduce transportation costs.

4.Quote source (Japanese site)


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